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Creating Smart Gen

Enabling an Innovative,
Advance & Better Life

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Smart Gen Technology

Enabling an Innovative, Advance & Better life

About Company

About the Company

We’re not just developers, but we build products that are intended to delight our customers. We walk the extra mile to validate your assumptions, generate new approaches and rapidly iterate as we go along. Our DNA is Software Development, Artificial Intelligence at the edge and cloud-based services…



To be one amongst most successful and respected software companies in the world, recognised for its creative leadership, innovation and a 'can do' spirit.



To be proactive and anticipate market needs, develop products that address the needs with the help of next generation technology at a reasonable price. Being skilled techno-entrepreneurs with a passion for technology, it is our aim to attract and acquire customers with our innovative products and services and the most satisfying ownership experience.



•    Pre-empt the market and all other            thing will simply follow
•    Inspire innovation in true sense
•    Do what we do really well.
•    Exceed all the expectations
•    Succeed together as a team



Core Team

Our core team has a fine balance of technology and entrepreneurship to be called as a true techno-entrepreneurs. While it accounts for more than fifteen years of experience in Video Telephony, Video Streaming and Computer Vision, and is at the pioneering edge of cloud streaming and edge AI innovations, it also includes sound entrepreneurial experience, complete with the experience of founding enterprises, being in the core membership team which has overseen successful exit of investors in three different ventures.

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