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Think you need the right platform; we can deliver it!

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Think you need the right platform;
we can deliver it!


Capable of hosting any OTT platforms, provide worldwide live video transmission, conduct global town halls, interactive video sessions, host digital events, etc…

A live video streaming platform for business applications. Live streaming is the delivery of Internet content in real-time much as live television broadcasts content over the airwaves via a television signal. As the demand for streaming media continues to rise, content delivery providers require a state-of-the-art streaming media server solution in order to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.



The features of Media Server developed by Neon Cloud include:

Live video streaming & video on demand to any device any format any quality Support for Live stream recording.

Support for widely used audio/video streaming codec

Control module for managing live streams and viewers

Playback support for recorded videos.

On the fly transcoding support for multi bitrate streaming

Up to date statistics for each and every stream including date, time, number of viewers per stream, incoming stream bit rate and bit rate per viewer.

Record files in multiple bitrate and formats HLS and HTTP streaming for devices without flash support.

Support to run external program on from configuration

Works well with most popular streaming solutions.

Support Full HD quality for live and VOD.

Extremely lightweight and efficient streaming engine.

Streams on YouTube and social networking sites



Unlimited Viewers: No restrictions on number of viewers, can handle any number of users based on available bandwidth and processing.

Transcoding for ABR Streaming Live Transcode: for adaptive bit rate streaming across all devices.

Multi-Platform Streaming: Supports streaming to various platforms like YouTube, Facebook or third-party media server etc.

HD Streaming: Designed to stream High Quality live & amp; On Demand content.

HTTP Streaming: Supports HTML5 and HLS streaming for devices that doesn’t support flash

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